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We supply Starlock Push On Fix in the following materials,

Spring Steel, Bronze and varnished Stainless Steel

Dimensions for Starlock Push On Fix

For shaft d1 (h11) d2 (max.) d3 h s
2mm 1.84mm 9.7mm 1.3mm 0.2mm
3mm 2.81mm 9.7mm 1.3mm 0.2mm
4mm 3.8mm 11.5mm 1.3mm 0.2mm
5mm 4.74mm 11.5mm 1.3mm 0.2mm
6mm 5.7mm 15.3mm 1.3mm 0.25mm
6.35mm 6.08mm 15.3mm 1.3mm 0.25mm
7mm 6.72mm 15.3mm 1.3mm 0.25mm
8mm 7.66mm 15.3mm 1.3mm 0.25mm
9mm 8.75mm 18.4mm 1.9mm 0.3mm
10mm 9.74mm 18.4mm 1.9mm 0.3mm
11mm 10.76mm 18.4mm 1.9mm 0.3mm
12mm 11.62mm 25.0mm 2.3mm 0.4mm
13mm 12.64mm 25.0mm 2.3mm 0.4mm
14mm 13.66mm 28.2mm 2.3mm 0.4mm
15mm 14.68mm 28.2mm 2.3mm 0.4mm
16mm 15.53mm 28.2mm 2.3mm 0.4mm
17mm 16.68mm 28.2mm 2.3mm 0.4mm
18mm 17.62mm 36.6mm 3.0mm 0.4mm
19mm 18.69mm 36.6mm 3.0mm 0.4mm
20mm 19.63mm 36.6mm 3.0mm 0.4mm
24mm 23.66mm 41.4mm 3.2mm 0.5mm
25mm 24.63mm 41.4mm 3.2mm 0.5mm