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Brass Fasteners

Woodstock industrial supply a large range of brass fasteners. From brass hexagon setscrews to brass woodscrews, brass machine screws, brass studding, brass nuts and washers

Brass hexagon setscrews to DIN933.

Brass machine screws with slotted countersunk, slotted pan, slotted cheese and slotted raised countersunk heads.

Brass studding

Brass hex fullnuts

Brass hex locknuts / halfnuts

Brass wingnuts to DIN315

Brass domenut

Brass washers

Phosphor bronze spring washers

Brass woodscrews with slotted countersunk, slotted round, slotted raised countersunk and pozi countersunk heads

Brass surface cup washer

Brass turned cup washer

Brass Type U hammerdrive

Brass Panel Pins

Brass split cotter pin