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The spin in glass capsule anchor is used with the threaded studs to provide a stress free anchorage in concrete. The quartz aggregate contained in the capsule enable the anchor to acheive exceptional loads.

Product Information
The Quartz Spin in capsules are suitable for use in solid concrete and some solid brickwork and natural stone where a high strength, expansion free fixing is required. They can be used in wet and corrosive environments with a suitable grade of threaded stud and also gives good resistance to vibrating loads.

Expansion Free
High Loads
Close Spacing and Edge Distance
Can be used in dry and wet concrete

Part Number To Suit Thread Dia. Capsule Dia. Capsule Length
JCAPSM08 M8 9 80
JCAPSM10 M10 11 80
JCAPSM12 M12 13 95
JCAPSM16 M16 17 95
JCAPSM20 M20 17 160
JCAPSM24 M24 22 175
JCAPSM30 M30 25 230

Cure Times
Base Material Temp. Cure TIme Dry Concrete Cure Time Wet Concrete
-5°C 5 Hours 10 Hours
+5°C 1 Hours 2 Hours
+20°C 20 Minutes 40 Minutes
+30°C 10 Minutes 20 Minutes