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Product Information
An A2-304 stainless steel, thin walled countersunk sleeve anchor. Suitable for use in non-cracked concrete, dense concrete blocks, solid brick and some natural stone.

Through fixing
light to medium duty loads
Torque controlled expansion
Collapse feature to allow a positive clamping force
Supplied pre-assembled for rapid installation

Part Number Drill Dia. Overall Anchor Length Head dia. Maximum Fisture Thickness Fixture Clearance Hole Minimum Hole Depth Hex Socket Drive A/F Minimum Structure Thickness Installation Torque Concrete Installation Torque Brick Installation Torque Block
SLSS08045SS 8mm 45mm 12mm 8mm 9mm 50mm 4mm 100mm 10Nm 9Nm 6Nm
SLSS08060SS 8mm 60mm 12mm 18mm 9mm 60mm 4mm 100mm 10Nm 9Nm 6Nm
SLSS10060SS 10mm 60mm 16mm 9mm 12mm 60mm 5mm 100mm 20Nm 18Nm 10Nm
SLSS10080SS 10mm 80mm 16mm 19mm 12mm 80mm 5mm 105mm 20Nm 18Nm 10Nm
SLSS12070SS 12mm 70mm 20mm 10mm 14mm 75mm 6mm 100mm 35Nm 32Nm 25Nm
SLSS12100SS 12mm 100mm 20mm 30mm 14mm 100mm 6mm 125mm 35Nm 32Nm 25Nm