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The Shield Anchor is a three way expansion shield suitable for use in brick and concrete. The thick walls of the expanders give the anchor its exceptional grip and allow it to cater for oversized holes caused by powerful drills in weaker materials such as brick work.

Product Information
The shield anchor is an all steel, internally threaded expansion anchor for general purpose applications, suitable for fixing into concrete, solid brick, dense blockwork, and some natural stone.

All steel anchor
high degree of expansion

Part Number Thread Dia. Anchor Length Hole Dia. Minimum Hole Depth Embedment Depth Fixture Clearance Hole Minimum Structure Thickness Rec. Tight Torque
ASHOM06 6mm 45mm 12mm 50mm 45mm 8mm 80mm 6Nm
ASHOM08 8mm 50mm 14mm 55mm 50mm 10mm 100mm 14Nm
ASHOM10 10mm 60mm 16mm 65mm 60mm 12mm 120mm 27Nm
ASHOM12 12mm 75mm 20mm 85mm 75mm 14mm 160mm 46Nm
ASHOM16 16mm 110mm 25mm 120mm 110mm 18mm 200mm 110Nm