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Plain End Studs, Zinc plated and clear passivated to 5 microns, plain ended studs for use with injection resin.

Part Number Thread Dia. Length mm Maximum Fixture Thickness Minimum Hole Depth
JSTUD08150PE M8 150mm 80mm 60mm
JSTUD10105PE M10 105mm 35mm 60mm
JSTUD10150PE M10 150mm 80mm 60mm
JSTUD10200PE M10 200mm 130mm 60mm
JSTUD12110PE M12 110mm 25mm 70mm
JSTUD12150PE M12 150mm 65mm 70mm
JSTUD12200PE M12 200mm 115mm 70mm
JSTUD16110PE M16 110mm 10mm 80mm
JSTUD16250PE M16 250mm 150mm 80mm
JSTUD16350PE M16 350mm 250mm 80mm
JSTUD20200PE M20 200mm 85mm 90mm
JSTUD20400PE M20 400mm 285mm 90mm