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High Tensile Grade 8.8 zinc and yellow passivated to 5 microns studs for use with J-Fix Glass Spin In Capsules or J-Fix Injection Resin Systems, supplied complete with nut and washer. The studs have external hexagon drive units with one drive unit in each box. Each stud has a depth mark to indicate correct setting depth and a chisel point to facilitate appropriate mixing when using glass spin in capsules. For load data see the appropriate chemical product.

Grade 8.8 Studs

Part Number Thread Dia. Length mm Maximum Fixture Thickness Minimum Hole Depth
JSTUD08X110HT M8 110mm 18mm 80mm
JSTUD10130HT M10 130mm 25mm 90mm
JSTUD12160HT M12 160mm 34mm 110mm
JSTUD16190HT M16 190mm 45mm 125mm
JSTUD20260HT M20 260mm 55mm 170mm
JSTUD24300HT M24 300mm 55mm 210mm
JSTUD30380HT M30 380mm 55mm 280mm