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Philidas All Metal Self Locking Nuts

Philidas are the leading a leading all metal self locking nut manufacturer in the UK. Their plant in Pontefract houses coldforging and bar turning facilities enabling small, medium and large batch production runs supplied through a distributor network to the industrial and automotive markets. Also onsite they have a fully equipped toolroom using the latest technology with 3D CAD and forging simulation for the design of all machine tooling. Philidas produce both their standard range and specials in grades 8, 10 & 12. Subject to MOQ's brass and aluminium items can also supplied.

Dimensions for Philidas Industrial self locking nuts

Philidas Industrial.jpg
Diameter Order Reference A a/f B C
M5 5 MCI 8.0mm 6.5mm 4.3mm
M6 6 MCI 10.0mm 7.5mm 5.0mm
M8 8 MCI 13.0mm 8.5mm 5.7mm
M10 10 MCI 17.0mm 11.0mm 8.0mm
M12 12 MCI 19.0mm 13.0mm 9.5mm
M14 14 MCI 22.0mm 15.0mm 11.0mm
M16 16 MCI 24.0mm 17.0mm 12.8mm
M18 18 MCI 27.0mm 20.0mm 15.5mm
M20 20 MCI 30.0mm 22.0mm 17.5mm
M22 22 MCI 32.0mm 23.0mm 18.0mm
M24 24 MCI 36.0mm 25.0mm 19.5mm
M27 27 MCI 41.0mm 28.0mm 22.0mm
M30 30 MCI 46.0mm 31.0mm 24.5mm
M33 33 MCI 50.0mm 33.0mm 26.2mm
M36 36 MCI 55.0mm 36.0mm 28.6mm
M39 39 MCI 60.0mm 39.0mm 31.1mm
M42 42 MCI 65.0mm 42.0mm 33.5mm
M45 45 MCI 70.0mm 45.0mm 36.0mm
M48 48 MCI 75.0mm 48.0mm 38.0mm
M52 52 MCI 80.0mm 52.0mm 41.5mm

Philidas Turret self locking Nuts

Philidas Turret.jpg
Diameter Order Reference A a/f B C
M2.5 2.5 MCP 5.0mm 4.5mm 2.4mm
M3 3 MCP 5.5mm 4.75mm 2.45mm
M3.5 3.5 MCP 7.0mm 5.0mm 2.5mm
M4 4 MCP 7.0mm 5.6mm 3.3mm
M5 5 MCP 8.0mm 6.8mm 3.9mm
M6 6 MCP 10.0mm 8.5mm 5.0mm
M8 8 MCP 13.0mm 10.5mm 6.0mm
M10 10 MCP 17.0mm 13.0mm 7.6mm
M12 12 MCP 19.0mm 15.0mm 8.5mm
M14 14 MCP 22.0mm 17.0mm 10.0mm
M16 16 MCP 24.0mm 19.5mm 12.0mm
M18 18 MCP 27.0mm 20.0mm 14.0mm
M20 20 MCP 30.0mm 24.0mm 15.5mm
M22 22 MCP 32.0mm 26.5mm 17.5mm
M24 24 MCP 36.0mm 29.0mm 19.0mm
M27 27 MCP 41.0mm 33.0mm 22.0mm
M30 30 MCP 46.0mm 39.0mm 26.0mm
M33 33 MCP 50.0mm 43.0mm 30.0mm
M36 36 MCP 55.0mm 47.0mm 32.5mm
M39 39 MCP 60.0mm 50.0mm 35.0mm
M42 42 MCP 65.0mm 54.0mm 37.5mm
M45 45 MCP 70.0mm 58.0mm 41.0mm
M48 48 MCI 75.0mm 62.0mm 42.5mm
M52 52 MCP 80.0mm 67.0mm 46.5mm