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An A4 stainless steel internally threaded socket anchor for use with bolts or threaded rod of any length. May be set flush or at a depth. Full expansion can be guaranteed by using the correct shouldered setting punch. Suitable for use in concrete

Product Information
Deformation controlled anchor available in A4-316 stainless steel. Suitable for use in non-cracked concrete between C20/25 & C50/60

Internal thread suitable for bolts or threaded studs.
Permanent socket to allow removal and replacement of fixture.
Tested to ETAG 001 Part 4, deformed controlled anchors

Part Number Thread Dia. Anchor Length Hole Dia. Setting Punch Fixture Clearance Hole Internal Thread Length Embedment Depth Minimum Hole Depth Minimum Structure Thickness Maximum Installation Torque
DSS06 6mm 30mm 8mm DZSP06 7mm 13mm 30mm 30mm 100mm 4Nm
DSS08 8mm 30mm 10mm DZSP08 9mm 13mm 30mm 30mm 100mm 8Nm
DSS10 10mm 40mm 12mm DZSP10 12mm 15mm 40mm 40mm 130mm 15Nm
DSS12 12mm 50mm 15mm DZSP12 14mm 18mm 50mm 50mm 140mm 35Nm
DSS16 16mm 65mm 20mm DZSP16 18mm 23mm 65mm 65mm 160mm 60Nm