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Aerotight Nuts

We supply aerotight nuts in the following materials,

Steel Grades mild steel
Stainless Steels 303 A4 - 316

Dimensions for aerotight nuts

Aerotight® The All Metal Self Locking Nut

The Aerotight product has built a reputation over many years for quality and reliability with a well proven design that has been established throughout industry, with applications such as these:

Industry Activity
OEM Heavy Earth Moving Machines
Food Processing Kitchen Appliances
Water Processing Pumps etc.
Automotive High Performance Engines
Agriculture Milking equipment and Machinery
Civil Engineering Road Working Equipment, Construction etc.
Light/Heavy Engineering Conveyors, Actuators, Lifts, Railways etc.

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Diameter Pitch A/F N H F(ordinary)
M2.5 0.45mm 5.0mm 4.75mm 2.97mm 1.49mm
M3 0.5mm 5.5mm 5.25mm 3.52mm 1.89mm
M3.5 0.65mm 7.0mm 6.65mm 4.79mm 2.69mm
M4 0.7mm 7.0mm 6.65mm 4.79mm 2.69mm
M5 0.8mm 8.0mm 7.65mm 6.02mm 3.49mm
M6 1.0mm 10.0mm 9.58mm 7.95mm 4.63mm
M8 1.25mm 13.0mm 12.62mm 10.05mm 5.87mm
M10 1.5mm 17.0mm 16.53mm 12.03mm 7.62mm
M12 1.75mm 19.0mm 18.47mm 14.48mm 9.62mm
M16 2.0mm 24.0mm 23.47mm 18.75mm 12.62mm
M20 2.5mm 30.0mm 29.47mm 22.35mm 15.62mm
M24 3.0mm 36.0mm 35.18mm 26.85mm 18.62mm

Key Advantages

Aerotight is an all metal stiff nut - No vulnerable inserts to be affected by heat or oil.

Aerotight can be re-used many times - Self locking function will still remain effective having been used a number of times.

Aerotight will stay in position whether tightened down or not, provided the locking element is engaged - Does not have to achieve recommended torque to be effective.

Steel and Austenitic Stainless Steel Aerotight can be used up to a temperature of 300oC.

Aerotight can be supplied in all plated finishes if required.

Customised specials - Thin Aerotight or other specified thicknesses may be supplied in suitable volumes or could encompass different specifications of material. Larger diameters are available on request.

No additional parts are required for Aerotight to function, and therefore no special tools are needed for the application.

Material Specifications Available

Stainless Steel 303 and 316 (A4)

Stainless Steel A4-80

Mild Steel 230 M07 Non-Leaded BS970

Zinc & Clear Trivalent or Zinc & Yellow Passivate

Brass BS 2874 CZ121

316 (A4) Stainless Steel

316 (A4) Stainless Steel has been developed for use in highly corrosive environments.

316 (A4) Stainless Steel Aerotight can be safely used for outdoor applications in coastal and industrial areas where atmospheric corrosion is severe.

316 (A4) Stainless Steel Aerotight is suitable for use in the chemical, photographic, food and horticultural industries.

Recommended Practices

When assembled on the screw, two full threads should protrude through the Aerotight nut.

Aerotight nuts should not be used on damaged or interrupted threads.